måndag 14 mars 2011

Estonia soon!

On 13 to 21st May we will visit the lovely country of Estonia again. However, this time we will concentrate on two hot-spots only: Ristna on 13-17 and Virtsu on 18-21st. As you understand our main focus will be on the magnificent waterfowl migration known as "Arktikan"! We cross our fingers and hope for good weather conditions and favourable winds and, of course, peak days of divers, scoters and long-tailed ducks. We also look forward to meet Finnish and Estonian birding friends again! And we are a happy Swedish trio that have been invited to the Estonian Birding Society annual meeting and dinner on Saturday 14th.

We will do our best to update this blog daily with photos and reports from our hardcore countings. In meantime, please enjoy the photo gallery from last year's trip.

Stay tuned

Ralle, Janne and Nicke

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