söndag 15 maj 2011

Tallinn-Haapsalu-Ristna on Friday 13th

We arrived to Tallinn at 10 in the morning and drove directly towards Haapsalu. However, we did a quick stop halfway and soon Raul found a nice Greater Spotted Eagle soaring around.Many White Storks were also seen along the road. What a good start! In Haapsalu we bought food four days, fuel up the car and had a quick latte then headed to a nearby birding tower were we saw a couple of White-tailed Eagles, Caspian Terns, Bearded Tit, Ruff (at least 150!), Gadwall (many) and Slavonian Grebe.

At 14:30 we took the ferry from Rohukula to Heltermaa on Hiiumaa (Dagö). We arrived to the ferry berth at 16:00 and then drove to Kärdla and had a late dinner at our favourite restaurant from last year. Then we headed torwards Ristna, the westernmost tip on Hiiumaa, but had a quick stop at Körgesaare in search for Red-breasted Geese, but no luck. We continued to our pre-booked spacious and luxurious house at Puumetsa, where we quickly unpacked everything and the stuffed our scopes in the car and took off for an evening session at the tip of Ristna. Worthy of mention from our 1 ½ hours visit there were: Arctic Skua (10), Little Gull (2) and Arctic Tern (135).

Three exhausted, but happy birders got to sleep early, dreaming about heavy migration.

Stay tuned for next update on Monday 16th

Productive seawatching from the ferry. Two estonian birders (Uku and his friend), Raul and Janne.
Temporary built wind shield at Ristna. Two finnish professionals and two swedish hardcore birders in the evening.
Relaxing in our spacious living room in the evening, with a nice open fire (outside the pic:)

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