lördag 22 maj 2010

A nice morning at Virtsu on 21st

We got up 03:45 full of expectations. Had a simple breakfast and packed our stuff. The weather were good. Clear blue sky and light winds from south. We drove to Virtsu and placed ourselves at the lighthouse. We quickly found out that the waterfowl passage were in full progress. We had a flying start with a flock of 70 Arctic Divers that flew by high up over the strait, then one of 52 followed by a 61-flock. Wow! The morning at Virtsu were just a wonderful show and the light conditions perfect! One could easily imagine how the scene would look like on top day with six digit numbers of ducks and divers.

At 9 am we left Virtsu and headed to a large swamp named Tuhu Matkarada. Not much birds there, but it was so silent and enjoyable just being there. A Black Stork passed by slowly gliding against a deep blue backdrop. An unexpected sighting indeed. We continued northward and visited a few places within the Matsula area. Nothing unusual recorded, besides a singing Greenish Warbler and a male Montagu’s Harrier.

At 4 pm we reached Bergsby Paansionat and we installed ourselves and had a power nap for an hour or so. We skipped Pöösaspea in the evening and had a nice time together discussing the trip and memories from the past. Ante and Janne siping A Le Coq and whisky.

Some results from the counting at Virtsu (05:00-09:00): Arctic Diver (1410), Red-throated Diver (558), Gavia sp (254), Barnacle Geese (2665), Common Scoter (4930), Velvet Scoter (33), Long-tailed Duck (270), Greater Scaup (54) and Arctic Skua (2).

Additional sightings worthy of mention: Golden Oriole (1), Serin (1), Great Reed Warbler (5), Grasshopper Warbler (1), Parrot Crossbill (1), Smew (1), White Stork (many) and Little Gull (4).

All the best

Niklas, Janne & Ante

Early morning at Virtsu. The place for the great spectacle Arktikan.
Ante and Janne scanning the area at Tuhu Matkarada.
View of the svamp at Tuhu Matkarada.
Nesting House Martins at the Keemu birdwatching tower, Matsula.
Part of the large Matsula reserve.
Part of the large Matsula reserve.

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