onsdag 19 maj 2010

Saaremaa (Ösel) - Wednesday 19th

We had the best breakfast yet, served by Valdo and Britta at Loode Tourims Farm, where we will stay for two nights. The interior furnishing is very special and in total contrast to our accommodation on Hiiumaa. I prefer Loodes kind of atmosphere!

We drove a few kilometres to Undva nina, the northwestern tip of Tagamöisa peninsula. And of course our follower Mr Fog were there. Clear blue sky above and 14 degrees, but a light fog covering the sea. The weather conditions, heat-wave and winds from an easterly directon is bad for the birdwatching in the long run. However, we see this trip as reconnaissance one for future trips to Estonia, but of course we are a bit disappointed.
We explored several birding sites as well as places with interesting habitat. In the afternoon the temperature reached 26 degrees. Too much when birding, but several stops for ice cream were good alternatives. We went back to Loode at 18:00 and after a refreshing shower we were served a delicious dinner of fish and a tasty desert with coffee.

Sightings worthy of mention: Greenish Warbler (2), Icterine Warbler (8 singing within a little area at Loode Oak Wood Reserve), Collared Flycatcher (1 male), Sandwich Tern (1 at Mulluta Reserve), Rosenfinch (30-40) and of course Chiffchaffs and Cuckoos almost everywhere on every stop.

We pray to the Gods of weather that there will be no fog at Undva nina tomorrow morning!

Niklas, Janne & Ante

Seawatching at Undva nina at dawn, just before the fog appeared.
Migrating Barnacle Geese.
Very nice shore at Murika, which held good number of waders.
Ante and the brand of his favourite Estonian beer.
A lovely Grass snake at Murika.
A beautiful woodland at Loode Oak Wood Reserve.
Beautiful meadows with Cowslips is typical for Saaremaa and western Estonia!
Loode Tourism Farm with silent and lovely surroundings. We rented a room uppstairs. Highly recommended accommodation!
After the tasty dinner of fish we had a nice desert with coffee at Loode.

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