lördag 21 maj 2011

Gavia migration at Virtsu on 19th

We woke up at 03:15 and Niklas arranged the breakfast, as usual. A beautiful moon and cloudless sky outside. However, when we approached the lighthouse by car, clouds and thin fog suddenly appeared. The passage of divers were already in full swing, but unfortunately the fog got thicker and we couldn’t proceed the countings for an hour. Damn it!

Results at the lighthouse at 04:30-11:10: Arctic Skua (18), Common Scoter (913), Barnacle Goose (2357), Velvet Scoter (444), Long-tailed Duck (317), Scaup (77), Red/Black-throated Diver (719), Red-throated Diver (318), Black-throated Diver (232), Steller’s Eider (2), Black-tailed Godwit (1) and Goldeneye (394).
Migrating passerines worthy of mention: Common Rosefinch (48!), Barn Swallow (50) and Golden Oriole (1 beautiful adult male).

We headed directly to our house and had a three hour long power nap, just to be rested for the evening session. But before we returned to the lighthouse Raul did the cooking and served us older hardcore birders a delicious dinner of sausages from Hiiumaa, which had a touch of gamy flavour (or roadkill Badger) and pasta.

Results at the lighthouse at 17:35-21:35: Velvet Scoter (284), Common Scoter (892), Long-tailed Duck (265). The evening passage were very calm, even though the conditions seemed to be good. However, that’s the charm of birdwatching and one just have to love the situation!

Very rare and unmasking occasion when three hardcore birders take a coffee break at the same time. Very unprofessional;)
Evening at Virtsu lighthouse.

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