torsdag 19 maj 2011

Virtsu and surroundings on 18th

Woke up at 03:15 and had a morning porridge with coffee and then drove to Virtsu. Clouded over, strong wind from SW and rain now and then. The passage was quite good, but not exceptional (04:50-10:30): Arctic Skua (12), Barnacle Goose (4451), Scaup (100), Black-throated Diver (323), Red-throated Diver (477), Long-tailed Duck (1580), Common Scoter (990) and Velvet Scoter (158). Also two Honey Buzzard coming in from sea.

About ten in the morning the clouds were decreasing and the sunshine welcome indeed. We decided to travel inland looking for raptors, especially Lesser Spotted Eagle. We did some stops now and then scanning the areas and on the fourth stop we were rewarded as Janne found a beautiful adult Lesser Spotted Eagle soaring around for about five minutes! We had a nice three hours travel by car through a beautiful and unspoiled landscape.

After a dinner, latte and icecream in Lihula we headed to Virtsu for the evening seabird session, which was quite mediocre. Study between 16:50-19:15: Arctic Skua (12), Common Scoter (490), Red-throated Diver (52), Black-throated Diver (14) and Barnacle Goose (1335).

Sightings: Golden Oriole (1 singing), Rosefinch (many), Red-breasted Flycatcher (1), Collared Dove (1), Serin (1), Great Reed Warbler (1), Black Tern (30), Montagu’s Harrier (5), White Stork (many).

Accidentally, in late evening, Janne saw a flock of ducks passing over our house in Pivarootsi. Within twenty minutes or so we noted many big flocks of scoters and Long-tailed Ducks passing overhead. So tomorrow we intend to cover the waterfowl passage until dusk.

Stay tuned
Niklas, Janne and Raul

Niklas, Raul and Janne scanning the at Virtsu lighthouse.
Raul and Janne enjoying the sight of an adult Lesser Spotted Eagle.
White Storks on their nest.
A field of Dandelion, a common sight in Estonia.

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