lördag 21 maj 2011

Puhtu Laid – a nice migrating hotspot on 20th

The morning session at Virtsu lighthouse were mediocre, but the weather was sunny and delightful. Some results at 04:45-09:40: Common Scoter (552), Velvet Scoter (152), Scaup (49), Red-throated Diver (100), Black-throated Diver (70), Goldeneye (372).
Migrating passerines worthy of mention: Common Rosefinch (31), Spotted Flycatcher (42) and Golden Oriole (1 adult male + another male present for ten minutes and offered excellent views!). In addition a powerful adult female Peregrine Falcon came in from sea and passing over head! Also several Grey Seals were seen in the morning.

After the morning countings we drove to the southern part of Matsalu (Keemu bird tower), which is located only 30 minutes away. The visit were productive with sightings such as Red-crested Pochard (3 male and 1 female), Great White Egret (1), Smew (4), White-fronted Goose (4), Grasshopper Warbler (3 singing), Golden Oriole (1). And of course many White-tailed Eagles and White Storks seen throughout the day. Red-crested Pochard were also a lifer for Raul! Then we returned to our house and took a long power nap. Raul were responsible for the dinner today too; tasty sausages and meatballs filled with cheese. The man has cooking qualities.

After the nice dinner we headed to new place, named Puhtu Laid, which is a tip that protrude southward one kilometre east of Virtsu. A beautiful place were we in late evening saw flocks of Scoters that started soaring above sea before they finally crossed the land on high altitude. This site probably offer a great spectacle just before dusk on peak days!
Results from Puhtu Laid at 17:35-22:05: Scaup (21), Long-tailed Duck (410), Velvet Scoter (99) and Common Scoter (1890). We also had an excellent view of a Beaver swimming by close to the tip, which were a lifer for Janne!

Niklas, Raul and Janne at Puhtu Laid.
One of many nice flocks of Common Scoters passing overhead.

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